Our Mission

To empower Asian Americans to make positive impacts in all areas of society through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cross-cultural communication.​

Our Vision

We inspire and convene people to drive changes and make a positive impact on a world with equal opportunities regardless of gender, racial, or cultural differences. ​

Our Story

Our founder, Angelene Huang, started this organization with one goal in mind: impact. In the Asian American community, we are often reluctant to ask for help; yet it is only by joining together, by helping one another, that we can have the greatest positive impact on society and effectively give back to those in need.  

AFI works to bring our community together and to build our community’s impact for good. All our activities are inspired by this key idea, from partnering with over 150 organizations to distribute $5.8 million worth of PPE at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, through seminars on civic engagement and networking events that build community. 

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Our Impact Passion Dreams Families Communities

*Pictured second from the right, Founder Angelene Huang spoke at the Innovation Zone event

High Cohesion Community

In the past five years, AFI has built a highly cohesive Asian community with more than 50,000 members who connect through over 140 social media chat groups. 

Online Events

Since March 2020, AFI has held over 300 online events each year, including virtual seminars to help new immigrant families bridge the cultural gap in the United States. 

COVID-19 Relief

AFI raised funding for and distributed $5.8 million worth of personal protective equipment across the tristate region, in partnership with ACUC (American Chinese United Care). 

Community Building

AFI partners with the community organization UA3 to suppport their Community First Food Pantry, serving up to 11,000 clients per week with food and PPE.  

Educational Activities

Viswise Academy and YEFA form our platform for educating our young people about finance, management, technology, and entrepreneurship; AFI Academy teaches students of all ages, child to adult.  

Wellness and Mental Health

AFI has helped many individuals and families in the community with their mental health and maintaining wellness.