Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership Group Coaching

Course Overview

This program is for you if:

  • You feel stuck about your career and not sure what to do or where to go next
  • You are stressed when things don’t go well with people or things around you
  • You are not sure how to communicate with your senior management or other stakeholders
  • You struggle to build relationship with your peers, managers, mentors and sponsors
  • You constantly worry that you are not good enough for your dream job
  • You have talents and skills to succeed but constantly feel something is holding you back from pursuing your ideal career and living your dream life

Course Introduction

Course Content

Meet Your Instructors

Hope Yin

Hope Yin, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist
Executive/Leadership/Career Coach
Fortune 25 Technology Executive
Entrepreneur | Influencer

Hope Yin is an exceptional Executive/Leadership/Career Coach certified by International Coaching Federation and iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Hope’s passion is to make a positive difference in the world. She is devoted to influencing and supporting people on their journey of continued success. She has coached/mentored hundreds of people and given presentation to 4000+ audiences.

Hope is an Executive Director and Head of Global Talent and Learning Technology at a Fortune 25 company. She manages a multi-million-dollar technology portfolio. Starting as a developer, Hope has held multiple technical leadership roles in her 20+ years of experience in Software Engineering. She is an expert engineer, certified IT leader and transformational leader. Her team members rate her as the best leader they have ever worked with. Hope is a sought-after speaker, mentor, and coach both internally and externally.

Once a single mother raising two young children while having a demanding career, Hope understands the unique struggles and challenges women face. She is passionate to support other women as they become confident and recognized leaders, while at the same time living a happy and fulfilled life. She helps her clients remove the blockers to their success. Hope is a regular LinkedIn contributor that influences thousands of readers.

Hope holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, an M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering.

Hope is an active community leader and volunteer in multiple non-profit organizations. Her life philosophy is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

In her spare time, Hope loves reading, hiking, running, paddle boarding, skiing, biking, yoga, and meditation. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her Husband Jon, two high schoolers, Faith and Luca, and their dog Chewie. They also have two adult daughters Hannah and Alice.

Joy Zhao

Joy Zhao, PhD, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist

Corporate Career Coach
Self-Empowerment Strategist
2 X Fortune 100 Executive
Thick-Skin Theorist

Joy Zhao is a Corporate Career Coach, Business Executive, and Self-Empowerment Strategist who guides aspiring business professionals in maximizing potential, rising the corporate ladder, and achieving career goals with confidence and courage. With 15+ years’ experience in leadership roles for big brands and high-tech companies, including two in the Fortune 100, Joy has mentored 100+ professionals in optimizing their business performance and charting a positive path forward. Now, as a certified coach, she helps clients navigate successful careers using her signature methodology that includes her ‘Thick-Skin Theory’ and ‘Courage Formula.’ She is able to quickly identify what holds them back and then liberates them with a mastery of skillsets in everything from improving interpersonal communication and leadership influence, to overcoming corporate adversity and imposter syndrome, to organizing life and avoiding burnout. Her expertise: strengths-based development, 360-degree corporate relationship building, and mastery of positive self-talk.


Joy’s own career story evolved through overcoming challenges as a 28-year-old Chinese immigrant and inexperienced female professional seeking to achieve success in a country where she could not speak English. She started teaching herself the language, and one serendipitous conversation in a hallway led to her first job. In the early years of her career, Joy hustled to rise the ranks while sacrificing a lot as she continually moved to support her spouse in his job role. Asking just about everybody to help her perfect her communications skills, she learned the power behind communication and relationships. Her career journey—full of opportunities, challenges, and adventures—taught her the trifecta of confidence, perseverance and resilience, which would inevitably shape her ‘Courage Formula’ that she now teaches clients. Often as the only minority woman in executive groups, Joy developed a thick skin, adept at thriving through constant feedback and change. Her ‘Thick-Skin Theory’ is foundational to her coaching program, empowering all types of professionals—from first generation immigrants, to minority women, to entry- and mid-level workers—in harnessing energy in ways that quickly advance their careers.


While working a corporate job and mentoring so many professionals, Joy discovered her calling to help people pursue their life purpose. As a personal adventure (and a 44-year-birthday gift to herself!), Joy founded a career & leadership development company, ‘Finding Joy Coaching.’ She builds creative empowerment solutions for clients, inspiring them to tune into their superpower and use it for greatness. During the two years of pandemic, she has spoken to more than 4000 audiences through complimentary webinars, panel discussions, and coaching sessions to help them manage stress and advance their career through energy leadership techniques.


Joy holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Statistics, and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) license, with additional completed courses in self-development, executive presence and leadership. When her mind isn’t busy with helping people plot career success, it just might be taking a break on the coastal beaches. In fact, Joy would tell you she has napped on some of the most beautiful beaches, with Florida and Mexico as her current favorites… and Hawaii on the horizon.

Learning Outcomes


It is the best group coaching class that I have taken! It helps me clearly understand the 7 energy levels and know that I have power to choose what energy level that I want to be when facing the challenges in life. The class is well designed that it has all the great pieces for a person who wants to learn to be even keeled and have greater relationship with oneself, family members and others. Best of all are Coach Joy and Hope! They are very inspiring role models and genuinely care about us who want to be helped. I am really glad that I found them! I highly recommend this course for anyone who look for personal growth, emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

I benefited a lot from several webinars hosted by Coaches Joy and Hope, especially the one about interview techniques. I joined “Career Breakthrough with Energy Group Coaching”, which greatly improved my thinking and confidence. I admire their honesty, faith, inspiration and uplifting spirit. I am deeply touched by their selfless sharing. They are humble and treat everyone equally regardless of their titles and ranks. I also learned a lot from my classmates. Thank you Coaches Joy and Hope!

I am so grateful to have joined Joy and Hope’s Career Breakthrough Energy Leadership coaching program when I started to look for a new job. During my job application and transition, the two coaches and classmates became my personal board members. My energy level was uplifted and I am more confident that I can nurture and grow my relationships better with positive, productive and anabolic energy. Thank you Coach Joy and Hope, and I am also very grateful to my classmates who are inspiring and willing to listen and share. I would highly recommend this course!

I was on my maternity leave as a new mom when I decided to take Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership class. I felt anxious about going back to work so I wanted to empower myself to become a super working Mom. I also would like to learn management skills and leadership mindset. I’m usually quiet and shy. I tend to hide in all virtual meetings if I can, and never want to speak up. However in this class, almost all classmates are very active, showing up on camera, frequently asking questions, and sharing thoughts. Therefore, I feel comfortable turning on my camera too. I have been deeply affected and inspired by the high energy from you coaches and all the classmates. This class helped me overcome fear, effectively manage my stress, and make my transition from maternity leave to back to work smoothly. I want to actively apply the framework of energy leadership to become a high energy leader in the future. Thank you for all your guidance and support! 

I’m very grateful that I took Joy and Hope’s Energy Leadership group coaching during the pandemic. This group coaching elevated me by (1) increased awareness of my energy levels including energy blocks that are holding me back; (2) mindset shift from “I have to” or “I need” to “I choose to”: I take full ownership of my choices and focus on the controllable. Purposefully think through what I want and take action, one step at a time, including effective communication and relationship building; (3) extending the impact to my child and family as my reflections become part of dinner table conversations.

Energy Leadership is a framework with practical day-to-day tools, guided by Joy and Hope, who are inspiring, full of wisdom, and more importantly, they continue to practice Energy Leadership and share their ongoing reflections! I’m so glad I’m on my growth journey with Joy + Hope and diverse alumni! Appreciate the company and all the sharing which is uplifting and contagious! I highly recommend this course to anyone who looks to the continued elevation and growth with a master-minded group in the future!

Many of my classmates say attending Joy and Hope’s Energy Leadership (EL) class is one of the best investments in their life, I echo that. Joy and Hope created the EL class with a big heart and love that they want to share and help many people succeed in their career or life. I’m changed by engaging in interactions with Joy, Hope, and my peers in the group. 1) Initiating awareness. Be aware of the alternatives (different attitudes and actions) in the face of challenges and cultivate new ways of thinking. I realize I have limiting beliefs which prevent me from coming out of my comfort zone. This framework and tips I learned helped me to identify the steps / areas to develop myself. 2) Exploring alternatives. What can I do to upgrade my energy level? What can I do to reach a double win or triple win situation? There are situations where I can’t change or change others’ thoughts / behaviors, but I can change my way of thinking and behave differently if I choose to do so. 3) Starting a better relationship with myself. Appreciate progress instead of perfection. It’s always in the process, taking efforts to make progress and enjoy the process of achieving small goals. The framework also enables me to have a better understanding of myself, motivation, and value. Be present and focus. Listening style matters for effective communications.

The EL framework is a great tool that enables us to interact as a community where Joy and Hope set an environment of “no judgment” and we can share our vulnerability freely within the group. Joy and Hope devote their time and efforts, and encourage us to continuously practice with the group, where trust and sense of belonging are promoted. For any situation, any moment in our life or work, it’s up to us to choose how to live. Join this class, and live your life to its fullest potential!

I was so grateful to meet Hope and Joy through the AFI platform. Their positive energy, charming and humble leadership styles attracted me. I’m glad that I made the decision to invest in myself. Below are several things that started changing and impacting me: 

(1) Mindset change. Through the training I learned seven energy levels. With the practice of awareness, I started to map my situations to energy levels. Once I realize I’m at a lower energy level, I’ll take a break before reacting. This served as a Psychological Suggestion for me. 

(2) Methodology and practice. The training provided me a methodology and framework of energy leadership, some concepts are eye opening such as intuitive listening. Knowing the framework is the guideline, reflective practice creates enrichment. Internalizing the framework and keeping practice are the keys for prolonged effects.

(3) Community support. We formed the energy leadership alumni group and meet often to discuss topics and share experience. These group activities helped a lot in practicing and reflecting. The encouragement from coaches and inspiration from alumni are effective and could impact my decisions. No one is an island and we all need support. This community provides us a healthy circle and supportive system to grow and be better of ourselves.

This has been one of the best group coaching classes I have joined. The content is well organized and also helped me to become more conscious of different level of energies at work and at home. The coaches, Joy and Hope are caring and inspiring, helping to motivate my growth. The many sharing sessions with like-minded classmates are priceless as well. I would like to thank the coaches, and wish all the classmates all the best!

What I gained from this class is countless. First, I want to thank my coaches and all my classmates who gave me care, support, and love. I lost my job during the pandemic, moved to a new place without any friends. I felt isolated and stuck, and I saw things from a very poor perspective. But the very first class completely changed my ways of thinking. I enjoy this new journey along with two great coaches who are willing to empower and uplift us. I am able to connect with many classmates from diverse backgrounds. They are all excellent leaders who gave me a lot of valuable advice. It’s amazing that VisWise attracted such a wonderful group. I want to give my THANKS to AFI and VisWise for building an impactful Asian community for the common good.

I’m very grateful to attend “Career breakthrough with Energy Leadership group coaching class” led by Hope and Joy. The systematic introduction of the 7 different energy levels was eye opening and ignited my desire to achieve a higher energy level to maintain happiness in all circumstances, professionally and personally. Appreciate the patience and help Hope and Joy provided. I still feel the class is not over yet. Thank you, VisWise team, for all the backend support. Your help raises my energy level!

Like Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. “

We are all energy.
We engage with others through energy.
But more importantly, we create our own reality through the energy that we bring into every relationship, no matter if we are conscious of it or not. 
With the uplifting, nurturing, and anabolic energy frequency, we can build and strengthen a long-lasting relationship with others and ourselves.
With depressing and catabolic energy frequency, we weaken and destroy our relationship with others and ourselves. 
Through whichever energy frequency we choose to radiate, we choose how we impact others and ourselves; and ultimately, we choose what kind of reality we create for our life.
Now, with all the wisdoms that we’ve gained through our classes here with Hope and Joy, we can be more self-aware of what level of energy frequency we are radiating, more mindful of challenging our unexamined beliefs and assumptions, and more blissful in embracing the anabolic energy. 
The world will continue to present challenges and uncertainties in front of us. But with the anabolic and growth mindset, we no longer need to be afraid of the challenges and uncertainties, and don’t need to wait for someone else to make everything right for us – because, it is OUR responsibility and ability to manage and shift our energy. 
Being accountable for how we show up in life regardless of the circumstances, matching the frequency of the reality that we want, and being the master of our own destiny — THAT is the true hope and joy we can all have.

Completing the energy leadership group coaching is just the beginning of our journey together in raising our energy level and becoming a better self. 

My heart-felt thanks to Coach Joy/Hope for your selfless and tireless sharing, guidance, and challenging me to think deeper about who we are, what our life goals are, how we measure success in work and life, how we can overcome and mitigate outer and inner blocks and transform catabolic energy to anabolic energy, how we boost our emotional intelligence, how we can become intuitive listeners and powerful communicators, and finally how we can super charge our relationships with ourselves and others.  

I was amazed how they were interwoven beautifully and provided us a roadmap to identify what we do well, and what areas we need to improve and how. 
When I reviewed how emotion can be viewed from an energy level perspective, I had the aha moment: I wanted to change the emotions from sad, mad, scared to peaceful, joyful, and powerful. This is equivalent to what I wanted to shift from catabolic to anabolic energy. 
Thank you all again for the friendship we have fostered and trust we have built. For that I will cherish forever.

I had the pleasure of joining the group coaching “Career Breakthrough With Energy Leadership” in March 2022. By the end of the 5-session coaching class, I found myself not only gaining knowledge, but also sharpening skills on how to effectively manage my energy levels. Further, I was able to expand my network with fellow students who are also committed to investing in their professional and personal growth. 

Joy’s coaching style is very engaging, attentive and poised. She attends to my questions in a calm, detailed manner and provides objective feedback in a very supportive way. Hope’s approach is dynamic and energetic. She speaks to the class in such a passionate way which creates an inclusive environment. The wealth of personal and professional experience for both of them is evident from our first session on.
Having both of them as coaches creates a dynamic team which brings out the ultimate all-win results for the group. I recommend this class to anyone who is seeking effective tools to achieve their personal and professional goals.

My experience with Hope and Joy’s Energy Leadership group coaching is extremely beneficial. I had been to job interviews now and then before I started the class, the feedback was usually I needed more leadership skills for the positions I was looking for. This coaching class gives me the skills I need to take the next step in my career and also gives me the confidence to move ahead since I had a few years of break in my work history. What I learned from the class helped me move to a highly competitive position in my own company that is ideal for my background and also helps me to manage workplace relationships healthily. The teaching and organizing of the classes and off class activities are highly effective. Every class and each meeting I attended, I learned new ways of looking at and conducting leadership and managing relationships. My experience with this career coaching is extremely valuable.

First and foremost, “Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership group coaching” made me aware of the freedom to choose my emotional state and energy levels. I want to thank our loving coaches from the bottom of my heart. Hope is always passionate, caring, and inspiring, while Joy’s warm smile radiates peace, grace and wisdom all the time. They are living examples of the enormous transformation rendered by the energy leadership coaching they practice, thus giving us students concrete objectives to aspire to. Both made the class engaging and fun, which I greatly enjoyed all the way through. The class atmosphere was vibrant, inspiring and friendly with a diverse background of classmates. The class leaders were enthusiastic and dedicated and they provided a more casual environment for fellow students to practice the skills, share life stories, and have open discussions. The class ended though, the beautiful memory and friendship will last forever. We just embarked on a journey of transformation, and as one classmate put it, it is life-long homework. This is a truly outstanding program, the earlier you take it, the sooner you start benefiting from it. Problems that previously seemed daunting and arduous to tackle can be solved much more easily by using the framework intentionally. I came to the class because one of my friends spoke highly of it, and I now recommend you to do the same. Just do it!

I thank the AFI team and our loving coaches Hope and Joy who have influenced me to live a more fulfilling life through the “Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership Group Coaching” class. Here are the main benefits of applying the framework that I learned. (1) Shift energy levels to shape behaviors: I was in the middle of a shooting tragedy and I was so terrified. It happened 2 days before an important exam. It was a blessing that I was able to shift my energy from feeling terrified to being grateful to be alive. So I can remain calm and pass my PMP exam successfully. (2) Build a strong and trusting relationship with my boss and coworkers: I had challenges when the class started, and I am so glad to share that my working relationship has improved a lot, and my boss even invited me to interview our new staff member together. (3) Removing my energy blocks and growing high energy personal relationships – I am willing to open up to listen more without defense or self-criticism when it comes to difficult situations in my life. Even after the class finished, I continuously grow and evolve every day now. I highly recommend this class!

I have taken various leadership training previously, including both mindset and skills training. What sets the ‘Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership group coaching’ apart is that it provides a much deeper understanding and awareness of the energy levels of ourselves and others around us, as well as how to improve our energy levels as leaders. Now I have a better understanding of how my energy level affects my decision making and interpersonal skills. I can also associate the previous acquired leadership skills with energy levels. By understanding the ‘why’, I am able to better utilize those skills. Hope and Joy are both highly achieved leaders with great energy level and mindset. They created a safe and positive learning environment for the trainees. The energy levels coaching provides a transformational change from inside out. The outcome is authentic and lasting leadership applicable to not only the workplace, but also to life in general. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

“I am still thinking.” That is what was in my mind every time I wanted to write my testimony. And even more, I always want to write something different from last time. Really? True! I came to this class to learn some leadership and presentation skills, tactics to interact with different people, and get some quick answers. However, this class is not for it. Don’t get me wrong. The coaches are very kind and always answer my questions. However, I was confused in the beginning because their answers always made me think. But now I understand better about the intentions. Coaches were coaching us for a new way of thinking, so we learned thought processes to find answers to both current questions and future questions for ourselves. Another big “misleading” point is that this class is called “career breakthrough …”, this class is not to coach you for your career, it’s rather for ANY and ALL relationships you have in office, at home, at school, in public space, even between you and yourself. So that is why every time I would write something differently from the last time. So, this is the testimony for me, for now, 2 weeks after graduation. There are after class programs available through the alumni group too. 🙂 We could keep making progress and discuss with peers and coaches together. I highly recommend this class without any hesitation. Thanks!

I definitely recommend this course. The course syllabus is very well organized, and I learned a lot from all five topics. The seven levels of energy, removing your blockers from success, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and supercharge your relationships. I think it would change your life if you build such a great mindset and practice everyday. And thank you Joy and Hope! You are exceptional coaches.

Dear Coaches Joy and Hope, heartfelt thank you for the wonderful Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership Group coaching class at AFI! I feel so blessed to be a part of the first graduating class! 🌹🌹 The seven levels of energy captured me from the very beginning, especially the creative Chinese names for each level you’ve come up with. I am amazed by your originality! Through class discussion and life practice, I become more conscious of the energy level I am in. I am also feeling empowered in the range of engagement as a leader in life and at work in dealing with Gremlins and increasing my emotional intelligence.Thank you for providing a non-judgment class environment so that we could all explore and adventure into this energy journey freely and safely! Thank you for being so patient to answer all of our questions even after the class time was long past. I truly enjoyed all the life examples and experiences you’ve shared, thank you for being transparent, and showing your vulnerability sometimes as well! And that’s what touched me the most! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️❤️

I took the “Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership group coaching” class and significantly benefited from it personally and professionally. Thank you Joy and Hope for your coaching. I would recommend this group coaching class to anyone who looks for personal growth and leadership skills.


The answer is: EVERYONE! Our past participants include stay at home parents, career professionals – from people who are early in their career to people who are executives in Fortune 500 companies, male and female, people from 4 different countries. 
The goal is to transform your work and your life from the CORE. 
The class is taught in English.

Absolutely! Even though there is a focus on Career for this coaching class, but it applies to every aspect of your life. After all, work is a part of life. 

Coaching is very different than teaching. During the class, the coaches will share practical techniques and tips. Coaches will also ask you a lot of questions for you to think through your own life and support you to figure out how you want to improve and change. There will be homework after each class. It’s up to you how much or how little you want to complete the homework. The more effort you put in, the more you get out of the class. You will also partner with your classmate(s) to be accountable partners. Who doesn’t know that we need to be nice to other people, but who hasn’t been mad to another person?

Many Companies offer education assistance or have dedicated training budget as part of the employee benefit. Ask your manager – what do you lose? Also, if you can live a happy life at work and in general, how much does it worth? Can you afford that for your own LIFE – this one PRECIOUS life? AFI will provide material/receipt/certificate for tuition reimburse purpose.